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Roll of honour

The roll of honour is designed to confirm a website's eligability to display the logo and accreditation. If someone claims to have undertaken this audit, but do not appear on this list, chances are that they are abusing our name, and may not actually have an accessible website.


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DDA Audit 'AA' Accreditation Logo

Il Faé B&B - DDA10806-2007

11 Million - The Children's Commissioner's Website - DDA10809-2009



DDA Audit 'AAA' Accreditation Logo

Jack Marketing Solutions - DDA10801-2009

Jack Computing Solutions - DDA10802-2009

CRM Audit - DDA10803-2009

DDA Audit - DDA10804-2009

Marketing Audit - DDA10805-2009

Jack Training Solutions - DDA10808-2009

Business Mentors - DDA10810-2009

Privacy Audit - DDA10811-2009

Howto Marketing - DDA10812-2009

About Liechtenstein - DDA10813-2009