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WAI 'A' Compliance

Web accessibility is all about making your website accessible to all web users (whether they are disabled or not), and regardless of the technology they are using.


The Priority 1 or 'A' classification is an area where you must satisfy all checkpoints. Otherwise, one or more groups will find it impossible to access information in the document. Satisfying this checkpoint is a basic requirement for some groups to be able to use Web documents.

Priority 1 (General)

Priority 1 (Images and image maps)

Priority 1 (Tables)

Priority 1 (Frames)

Priority 1 (Applets and scripts)

Priority 1 (Multimedia)

And finally ...


You can also check whether you comply with Priority 2, or 'AA' accessibility. Priority 1 is the minimum, but your site could still be inaccessible in places even at level 'A'.


Our evaluation of WAI 'A' audited sites provides the website owner with the logo shown here:

DDA Audit Accreditaion Logo - A